1. Files are deleted after at most two hours.
  2. Names or tags of the files you upload are not collected.
  3. No personally identifiable information is collected.




  1. Your IP address.
  2. The time and date of your access.
  3. The following headers sent by your user agent:
    1. The HTTP Version.
    2. The request URI.
    3. The “Referrer” header (which is the site you came from).
    4. The “Cookie” header.
    5. The “User Agent” header.
  4. The status code returned for your requests.
  5. The number of bytes transferred per request.
  6. The search query that led you to our site if it can be extracted from the “Referrer” header.


  1. The number of files you upload.
  2. The number of bytes you upload.
  3. The number of files you download.
  4. The number of bytes you download.
  5. The format and quality you encode your music to.
  6. The extension, container format, codec, bitrate, number of channels and bit depth of your files.


Technical information is stored indefinitely in non-personally identifiable form in Google Analytics. Usage information is deleted after at most two years.

All information is used to make our site better and to help solve the occasional technical problem. It is only used by me and not shared with anyone.


When you upload a file, it will be deleted immediately after conversion. The file it is converted to will be deleted after at most two hours.


Google Analytics


To increase your privacy, I do not collect the following information in Google Analytics:

  1. Whether your browser supports Flash.
  2. Your session identifier.
  3. URL parameters.

Also, the last octet of your IP address is anonymized and the Google Analytics cookie is set to expire after two months instead of two years.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy at any time without prior notification. The current version of Privacy Policy is available on the Site, indicating the effective date. You are encouraged to periodically check our Privacy Policy.

Use of your information

We use your information in order to deliver our Services, to analyze the use of the Sites, and the Services, to develop new products or services, optimize content, to provide support and to deliver ads based on your preferences. Processing of the Information and Data is automated and done without any supervision or interference by the physical person.

Your information is processed and handled in accordance with applicable laws and with your further consent where necessary.

Third party service providers may use your information for ads placement and notifications. We do not encourage, support or endorse any ad that is placed on the Sites. We have provided you with the full list of third-party services we are using in order to help you understand how your information is handled and you are encouraged to visit their respective privacy policies in order to exercise your right to the control of your personal information.